Shell Turbo Oil N 32


Shell Turbo Oil N 32 is a Premium Industrial Turbine Oil

Shell Turbo Oil N has been specially formulated to satisfy the demanding requirements of steam turbines and gas compressor in ammonia and synthesis gas applications.




Industrial applications


Shell Turbo N was developed particularly for the lubrication of ammonia and synthesis gas compressors, requiring high quality rust and oxidation inhibited oils.
Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell Representative.


Performance Features and Advantages


Excellent corrosion protection


  • Shell Turbo N is based on a blend of specially chosen highly refined base oils with specific selected additives to enhance the rust and corrosion properties. This results in a high level of corrosion protection for all metal surfaces, even when ammonia is the gas to be compressed.


Very good thermal and oxidation stability


  • Resist the formation of sludge and other harmful products formed by oil oxidation.
Excellent oil/water separation properties


  • Easy drainage of excess water from lubrication systems.


Very good air release characteristics


  • Very effective air-release minimises air entrapment.
  • Turbo N also has a minimal tendency for foam formation.


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