Shell Turbo CC 32


Shell Turbo CC 32 is a Premium Quality Industrial Gas, Steam & Combined Cycle Turbine Oils


Shell Turbo Oils CC have been developed to meet the severe demands imposed by modern, heavy duty turbine applications, exceeding OEM specifications for both gas and steam turbines. A patented, metal free additive technology, ensures that these products offers substantially improved performance over conventional turbine oils.


The unique combination of excellent oxidation and thermal stability, coupled with the resistance to formation of deposits and varnish, sludge control and surface properties make Shell Turbo Oils CC an excellent choice lubricant for emerging combined cycle turbine technology, as well as existing gas and steam turbine plants.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Superior oxidation and thermal stability


  • Modern combined cycle and stationary gas turbines operating at high power outputs can be very stressful on the oxidation and thermal properties of the turbine oil. Lubrication stability failure in this area can create operational problems, system deposits and the formation of varnish in critical areas. Shell Turbo Oils CC are especially designed to cope with these conditions. Their outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, coupled with the resistance to form deposits and varnish reduces the possibility of unplanned outages. The result is extended oil life, less maintenance and less downtime.
Rapid air release and high resistance to foaming


  • High oil flows contribute to the possibility of entrapped air, which can lead to pump cavitation, premature oil oxidation and excessive wear. Shell Turbo Oils CC exhibit excellent surface properties with minimal foam formation and rapid air-release, which minimises air entrapment, reducing these effects of high oil flows to a minimum.


Excellent water-shedding properties


  • Water contamination is commonplace in steam turbines, causing corrosion and affecting bearing lubrication.
    Because of Shell Turbo Oils CC outstanding demulsibility water can be drained easily from the lubrication system, protecting the installation against corrosion and premature wear.


Good load carrying capacity


  • An ashless, non-zinc anti-wear system reduces excessive gear tooth and turbine component wear making it suitable for use in turbines with highly loaded gears. Minimising downtime and maintenance costs.

Main Applications


  • Power generation combined cycle turbines.
  • Industrial steam turbines.
  • Industrial gas turbines.


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