Shell Transmission ZFLD 75W80


Shell Transmission ZFLD 75W80  is a Special synthetic oil for ZF gearboxes




Automotive transmissions


  • Synchromesh gearboxes, including those with integrated retarders, where mineral or synthetic gear oils are required.


Performance Features and Benefits


Longer oil drain capability


  • Shell Transmission ZFLD has the ZF long drain approval and can be used for extended oil drain periods.


Low Power Loss – Improved Efficiency


  • The use of synthetic high fluidity base oil with special frictional properties gives less power loss, lower operating temperature and higher mechanical efficiency. Long additive life and excellent viscosity control maintains performance over the oil’s lifetime provides smooth shifting under all conditions.


Longer transmission life


  • Outstanding pitting, scoring and wear protection. Excellent synchromesh compatibility.
Less environmental pollution


  • Reduced environmental damage and improved recyclability result from the significantly lower chlorine content. Markedly improved seal compatibility for increased protection against leaks.


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