Shell Tonna S3 M 220


SHELL Tonna S3 M 220 Is a Machine tool slideway oils


Premium machine tool slideway oils

Shell Tonna S3 M oils are specially designed for the lubrication of machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. Their enhanced tackiness and stick-slip characteristics are combined to offer superior frictional performance on slideways. They are specially recommended in cases where high precision and low speed machines are used as well as in combined lubrication systems.


Performance Benefits


Excellent frictional properties
  • Specially developed to overcome “stick-slip” problems with slow moving machine tool slides and tables,
    allowing more accurate positioning. This provides benefits of improved finished surface quality and dimensional accuracy of work pieces.


Advanced technology


  • Developed in conjunction with machine tool manufacturers to meet the requirements of the most advanced machine tools using a wide variety of slideway materials.


Good slideway adhesion


  • Provides strong adhesion to slideway surfaces, resisting wash-off by metalworking fluids and those reducing oil
    consumption and giving more uniform working condition for the machine.


Ready separation from water-miscible cutting fluids


  • Separates readily from water-miscible metalworking fluids allowing easy removal by skimming.


Excellent anti-wear performance
  • Provides high levels of anti-wear protection for slideways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components making the product particularly suitable for machines with combined systems.


Excellent corrosion prevention characteristics
  • Provides effective protection of machine tool surfaces and components in the presence of water-miscible
    cutting fluids.



Machine tool slideways, tables and feed mechanisms
  • Developed for use on a wide range of materials used for machine tool slideway surfaces, including cast iron and synthetic materials.
Machine tool hydraulic systems


  • Particularly recommended for machines which have a combined hydraulic and slideway lubrication system.
• Machine tool gearboxes and spindles


Also suitable for gear and headstock lubrication. The lower viscosity grades are intended for horizontal slide lubrication (Shell Tonna S3 M 32 or 68). For vertical slides use Shell Tonna S3 M 220.


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