Shell Tellus S4 VX 32


SHELL Tellus S4 VX 32 Is a advanced hydraulic fluid

Shell Tellus S4 VX is an advanced hydraulic fluid technology designed for use in applications subjected to extremely low ambient temperatures such as arctic or exposed areas.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Low temperature system operation and efficiency


The very high viscosity index (VI) of Shell Tellus S4 VX ensures that the hydraulic fluid flows at temperatures where conventional hydraulic fluids would become too thick to allow equipment operation. This allows safe equipment start-up at very low temperatures, with no or minimum heating of the system being required. This delivers increased equipment availability and more efficient operation of the hydraulic system, which in turn, helps users obtain higher productivity from their machines.


Extremely wide operating temperature range


  • The very high viscosity index of the fresh fluid, coupled with mechanical shear stability, allows operation over a very wide temperature range.
  • All-year round operation with Shell Tellus S4 VX is therefore possible (subject to a maximum operating temperature of 750C).


Equipment protection
  • Shell Tellus S4 VX contains carefully designed ashless (zinc-free) anti-wear additives to help protect critical
    components of the hydraulic system from wear.
  • Shell Tellus S4 VX is manufactured with a Quality System assuring the fluid at the Shell plant filling lines meets the requirements of max ISO 4406 21/19/16 class. As recognized by DIN 51524 specification, the oil is exposed to various influences with transport and storage that could effect the cleanliness level

Main Applications

Fluid Compatibility


  • Shell Tellus S4 VX fluids are compatible with most other mineral oil based hydraulic fluids. However, mineral oil hydraulic fluids should not be mixed with other fluid types (e.g. environmentally acceptable or fire-resistant fluids).
Low temperature exterior hydraulic applications
  • Shell Tellus S4 VX has been designed for use in all types of hydraulic systems where the operating temperature does not continuously exceed 750C.
  • Shell Tellus S4 VX has been specifically designed for systems that must be started-up at extremely low
    temperatures, with a subsequent temperature increase during operation.
  • Note: Operators are recommended to check with the equipment manufacturer to determine whether the viscosity characteristics of Shell Tellus S4 VX are suitable for use in their application.


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