Shell Tellus S4 ME 46


Shell Tellus S4 ME 46 Is a high-performance hydraulic fluid

Shell Tellus S4 ME 46 is an Advanced Synthetic Industrial Hydraulic Fluid


Shell Tellus S4 ME hydraulic fluids are designed to help users improve the energy efficiency of their hydraulic systems without compromising the protection of the system or maintenance procedures of their equipment and operations. Shell Tellus S4 ME has been demonstrated to improve energy efficiency in a wide range of applications such as plastic injection moulding, metal pressing, and mining conveyors. In addition, Shell Tellus S4 ME is also designed to help equipment service life and lower maintenance costs through providing outstanding wear protection and long oil life capability.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Energy efficiency


  • With the help of sophisticated system modelling, Shell Tellus S4 ME has been designed to improve the energy efficiency of hydraulic systems through a specially developed formulation that balances the flow, frictional and power transmission characteristics of the fluid. Carefully monitored field evaluations have shown typical savings of 1-4% in such applications.

(1) Average of Shell and end-user evaluations. Actual energy savings may vary depending on application, current oil used, maintenance procedures, condition of equipment, operating conditions and intensity of hydraulic power usage


Reduce maintenance costs


  • Shell Tellus S4 ME offers outstanding performance in all the properties relevant to a hydraulic fluid such as hydraulic pump wear and resistance to breakdown in contact with water or other contaminants.
  • Together with an oil life that exceeds the 10,000 hours maximum duration that can be measured in the industry
  • Turbine Oil Stability Test (TOST), Shell Tellus S4 ME offers you the capability to significantly extend oil change intervals, which can help reduce overall maintenance costs.


Greater equipment protection
  • In addition to meeting standard industry and OEM specification requirement, Shell Tellus S4 ME provides an
    exceptional level of additional protection.
  • For instance, Shell Tellus S4 ME results in up to 68% less wear in the Vickers V104C pump wear test than the 50 mg pass/fail limits for many OEMs such as Cincinnati Machine (P-specification), Bosch-Rexroth (RD 90220-1) and Eaton (Vickers).


Superior cleanliness (meeting the requirements of ISO 4406 21/19/16 class or better ex Shell filling plants. As recognized by DIN 51524 specification, the oil is exposed to various influences with transport and storage that could effect the cleanliness level). Together with outstanding protection against sludge build up, valve sticking and corrosion, it can help prolong the life of your hydraulic equipment.

Main Applications


Industrial hydraulic systems
  • Particularly suitable for those systems with high intensity of hydraulic power usage such as injection moulding and high pressure metal pressing operations and where resistance to high temperatures or long oil life is required.


Mobile hydraulic systems


  • Shell Tellus S4 ME is also suitable for use in certain mobile hydraulic fluid power transmission systems and in marine applications and provides superior low temperature fluidity compared to most conventional ISO HM type fluids.


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