Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90


Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 is a Premium performance, synthetic technology, GL-4/5 Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 for sports cars


Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 is particularly designed to fulfil the highest requirements of extremely loaded passenger car drive train systems.


Performance, Features & Benefits


  • Outstanding gear protection and synchromesh performance Careful choice of base oils combined with new additive technologies achieve highest level of performance in the particular “transaxle” transmission type designs, where gear protection and high and stable synchromesh compatibility are required.


Longer equipment life


  • High shear stable formulation and durable extreme pressure (EP) performance allow an excellent protection against gear wear and pitting, preventing premature failure, and ensure longer component and lubricant life. Outstanding thermal and oxidation resistance also prevents damage to seals from deposit formation.


Improved drive train efficiency


  • Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 reduces friction losses in the drive train improving therefore efficiency and performance. As synthetic lubricant it ensures optimal lubrication at low and high temperature.


Environmentally friendly


  • Excellent seal compatibility guarantees protection against leaks. Low-chlorine formulation and extended drain interval capability ensures less environmental impact.
Recognised and used by leading sports car manufacturers


  • Shell Spirax S5 ATE 75W-90 benefits have been recognised by a number of leading sport car manufacturers who are using it as initial and service fill gear oil.
Part of the Shell synthetic lubricants team
  • Use in conjunction with other Shell synthetic lubricants for maximum benefit.


Main Applications


Transaxle transmissions


  • Heavily loaded “transaxle” transmission where hypoid axle and gearbox are in the same housing and lubricanted by the same product. Particularly in sport passenger car drive train systems.


Automotive transmissions


  • Heavily loaded axle drives, synchronised and non-synchronised gearboxes.


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