Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90


SHELL Spirax S4 G 75W-90 Is a synthetic gear oil

SHELL Spirax S4 G 75W-90 is a High Performance Synthetic VW Manual Transmission Oil


Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90 is a synthetic gear oil designed for gearboxes fitted in passenger cars and light duty vehicles of the Volkswagen Group.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Excellent synchromesh compatibility


  • A carefully selected technology particularly improves the synchromesh compatibility and wear protection of the hardware components. The viscosity allow trouble free shifting at low temperature and also a continuous lubrication at the highest temperature.
Longer oil drain capability


  • Working temperature reduction behaviour ensures long-term protection of the gears and extended drain capability.


Main Applications

Gearboxes of passenger cars and light duty vehicles of the VW group


  • This product is particularly designed to meet the current VW gearbox service fill requirements and can be used in applications recommending a lubricant meeting VW 501.50


Gearboxes of passenger cars


  • Shell Spirax S4 G 75W-90 can also be recommended for passenger car gearboxes where the performance of a synthetic lubricant and excellent synchromesh compatibility are required.


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