Shell Rimula R5 M 10W-40


Shell Rimula R5 M 10W-40 is a Synthetic Technology Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Shell Rimula R5 M enhanced with synthetic technology base oils that further energise the oil performance. Delivering responsive protection that adapt to your driving conditions, resulting in maintenance saving and long oil drain capability.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Maintenance saving


  • Shell Rimula R5 M has been formulated to meet the long oil drain requirements of engine makers such as MercedesBenz and MAN to allow operators to optimize maintenance  scheduling.


Improved engine cleanliness


The advanced formulation delivers good engine cleanliness and protection against piston deposits allowing Shell Rimula R5 M to ensure engine and component reliability at extended oil drain intervals.


Main Applications


European heavy duty engines


  • Shell Rimula R5 M provides protection and performance in modern high power heavy duty diesel engines from leading European engine makers such as Mercedes-Benz and MAN.


Low emission engine use


  • Shell Rimula R5 M meets the requirements of MercedesBenz, MAN and other manufacturers for Euro 2,3 engines and certain Euro 4 applications.


For enhanced performance and protection of the latest low emission engines, especially those fitted with exhaust diesel particulate traps (DPF), we recommend the use of our advanced low-emissions products, Shell Rimula R6 LM/LME.


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