Shell Naturelle HF-E 32


Shell Naturelle HF-E 32 is a Environmentally Considerate, Fully Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid


Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is an advanced hydraulic fluid for use in hydraulic and power transmission systems. It is readily biodegradable with a low ecotoxicity, and is particularly suited for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Fully synthetic esters, blended with ashless additives, provide Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E with a superior blend of lubrication performance and environmental acceptability.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Excellent wear protection
  • Advanced ashless (zinc-free) anti-wear additives provide protection over a wide range of conditions – proven protection in tough industry standard tests such as the Eaton Vickers 35VQ25 vane pump and Komatsu HPV35+35 high pressure piston pump.


Maintaining system efficiency


Superior cleanliness and filterability; coupled with excellent water separation, air release and anti-foam characteristics, all help to maintain or enhance hydraulic system efficiency. The filterability of Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is maintained, even when the fluid is contaminated with water. Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E fluids have a ISO 4406 cleanliness of 21/19/16 or better ex Shell filling lines. As recognized by DIN 51524 specification, the oil is exposed to various influences with transport and storage that could effect the cleanliness level.


Readily biodegradable


Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is biodegraded by over 60% after 28 days in the OECD 301 B carbon dioxide evolution test.


Low toxicity towards the environment


  • Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is classified as ‘not harmful’ to bacteria, algae, freshwater and marine invertebrates, and fish when tested as water-accommodated fractions (WAFs) according to OECD and EPA test guidelines.


Very high renewables content


  • Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E has a mean biobased content of over 80% (ASTM D 6866).
  • Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is approved as meeting the antiwear requirements of the hydraulic fluid recommendations for Eaton Vickers products for mobile and industrial systems according to Brochure 03-401-2010.
  • For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Help Desk.


Compatibility & Miscibility


Fluid Compatibility


Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is miscible with mineral oil hydraulic fluids. However, in order to ensure that the environmental properties and performance of Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E are maintained, the hydraulic system should be drained and flushed thoroughly when changing fluids. Guidelines on fluid change-over can be found in ISO 15380 Annex A.


Mobile / exterior hydraulic applications


  • Hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems in exposed environments can be subject to wide variations in temperature.
  • The naturally high, shear stable viscosity index (VI) of Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E helps deliver responsive performance from cold start to full load, heavy duty operation.


General industrial control equipment and hydraulic systems



  • The excellent anti-wear properties and high viscosity index (VI) of Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E, mean that it can often be used where ISO 11158 (HM/HV) and DIN 51524 Part 2 or Part 3 (HLP/HVLP) mineral oil hydraulic fluids are specified. However, bulk fluid operating temperatures should not be allowed to exceed 90 C.


Environmentally sensitive areas


Shell Naturelle Fluid HF-E is an ‘environmentally acceptable’ hydraulic fluid (ISO 15380 HEES), with ‘reduced harm for water and soil during use’ (European Union ecolabel). When compared to conventional mineral oil hydraulic fluids, it will have a reduced environmental impact in the event of a leak or accidental spillage. It is particularly suited for use in environmentally sensitive areas.


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