Shell Mysella XL


Shell Mysella XL is a Long Life, Low Ash Gas Engine Oil


Shell Mysella XL is a premium gas engine oil, formulated for use in the latest generation of highly-rated gas- or dual fuel engines which require a ‘low ash’ oil.


Shell Mysella XL has been specially developed to provide extended oil drain intervals in those natural gas engines where oil life is a limiting operational factor. It offers excellent engine protection and extended overhaul intervals for critical components such as valves, seats, pistons and liners. In addition, Shell Mysella XL is designed to reduce heat exchanger fouling to enhance engine efficiency.




Gas Engines


  • All types of 4-stroke gas engines burning natural gas, biogas or landfill gas (spark or pilot ignition; lean burn or rich burn). Also suitable for 4-stroke dual fuel engines with gas as main fuel. 2-stroke gas engines where a low ash oil can be used.


Gas compressors
  • Engine driven gas compressors where engine and compressor have a common lubrication system.
  • Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell Representative.

Performance Features and Benefits


Extended oil life:


  • By resisting oxidation and nitration, viscosity increase and the formation of harmful acids, especially in demanding cogeneration applications, Shell Mysella XL offers a step change in oil drain intervals relative to previous generation gas engine oils.
  • Note that when used with landfill or biogases, oil life will be dependent on the level of contaminants in the gas.


Engine protection
  • Shell Mysella XL offers superior control of deposits and excellent piston cleanliness in advanced engine designs.
  • It has been formulated with the optimum level of “ash” components which also helps to prolong the life of valves and spark plugs
  • With a low phosphorus level Shell Mysella XL is compatible with engines equipped with exhaust emission catalysts for CO, NOx and formaldehyde.


System efficiency
  • Shell Mysella XL maintains excellent cleanliness and exhaust deposit control within the boiler and intercooler thus maximizing heat recovery.
  • In engines utilising crank case gas recirculation Shell Mysella XL also reduces fouling and prevents clogging of charge air coolers.


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