Shell Helix Ultra Professional AF 5W-30


Shell Helix Ultra Professional AF 5W-30 is a Fully Synthetic Motor Oil – Tailored to meet engine manufacturer special requirements


Designed to meet the demanding requirements of particular high-performance engines, including Ford and those requiring ACEA A5/B5.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Fuel efficiency


  • Passes ACEA fuel economy MB M111FE (CEC-L-54-T-96) with a minimum of 3 % fuel efficiency improvement.


Engine wear and durability


  • Passes Ford in-house test for valve train wear.
  • Passes ASTM ball rust test (ASTM D6557) for engine rust.
  • Passes Peugeot TU3M valve-train scuffing wear engine test (CEC-L-038-A-94) for cam wear.
  • Passes OM646 wear test (CEC-L-99-08) for cam wear (outlet and inlet), cylinder wear, bore polishing, tappet wear (outlet and inlet), piston cleanliness and engine sludge.


Engine cleanliness


  • Passes Peugeot TU5JP-L4 high-temperature deposits test (CEC-L-88-T-02) for ring sticking and piston varnish.
  • Passes ASTM Sequence VG (ASTM D6593) and Seq IVA low-temperature sludge/valve train wear test (ASTM D6891)
  • Passes Ring sticking and piston cleanliness test (CEC-L- 78-08) Passes MB M111 black sludge test. · Soot Control
  • Passes DV4TD medium temperature dispersivity test (CECL-093-04) for viscosity increase.


Main Applications


  • Shell Helix Ultra Professional AF 5W-30 for gasoline and diesel engines is approved against the technically
    challenging in-house Ford engine oil specification WSSM2C913-C & WSS-M2C913-D
  • Meets the technical requirements of the Jaguar Land Rover engine oil specification STJLR.03.5003


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