Shell Gas Compressor Oil S4 PV 190


Shell Gas Compressor Oil S4 PV 190 Is a Gas Compressor Oil

Shell Gas Compressor Oil S4 PV 190 is an Advanced Synthetic Gas Compressor Oil


Shell Gas Compressor Oil S4 PV has been specially developed as a versatile cylinder lubricant for reciprocating compressors handling a range of hydrocarbon and other gases. It is based on polyalkylene glycol base fluids and is fully approved by leading gas compressor manufacturers.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Extended maintenance intervals


Shell Gas Compressor Oil S4 PV has reduced hydrocarbon gas solubility to provide reduced viscosity loss in comparison with mineral oil-based products, improving piston ring and packing lubrication and helping to extend
service intervals, reducing maintenance and downtime costs.


Outstanding wear protection


The low hydrocarbon gas solubility and associated low viscosity loss results in retention of a stronger lubricant film
on the cylinder wall, piston rings and packing components, delivering low levels of corrosion and cylinder wear.


Maintaining system efficiency


Lower cylinder feed rates are possible compared to conventional oil due to the higher levels of wear protection
and lubrication provided improving reliability and reducing the oil carryover into the compressed gas.


Main Applications


Reciprocating gas compressors


  • Sump and lubrication systems of enclosed pattern compressors handling hydrocarbon and other gases where the crankcase and bearings operate in a gas atmosphere.


Labyrinth piston compressors


  • Labyrinth piston compressors do not require cylinder lubrication. Shell Gas Compressor Oil S4 PV is needed for the forced feed lubrication of the plain bearings (crankcase closed).


Versatile gas compression applications


  • Shell Gas Compressor S4 PV is suitable for compressors handling the following gases:

Methane; Butylene; Ethane; Butadiene; Ethylene; Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM); Prop Propane; Propylene; Ammonia; Inert gases (dry); Butane.


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