Shell Gadinia AL 40


Shell Gadinia AL 40 Is a marine diesel engine oil


  • Advanced Lubricant for medium speed trunk-piston engines running on distillate fuel.
  • Shell GADINIA AL is a premium quality marine diesel engine oil designed for use in medium speed trunk piston engines, which operate on distillate fuels. Shell GADINIA AL is specially designed to control oil consumption in modern engines, where liner -lacquering is a potential problem. Being multifunctional Shell GADINIA AL can also be used for other shipboard applications such as reduction gears.

Performance, Features & Benefits

  • Improved Reliability ·


Excellent piston and crankcase cleanliness, which helps to
maintain engine efficiency.

Load carrying properties required for use in reduction gears.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs ·

Excellent liner lacquer control that maintains lubricating oil consumption at its normal level.


A high level of protection against bore polishing – another cause of high oil consumption.



  • Re-assurance ·



Protection for engines where cylinder liner lacquering is likely to occur.


  • Main Applications


  1. Highly rated medium speed diesel engines operating under high load or overload conditions.

2.  General ship application, including gears, where specialist lubricants are not required.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations


  • Rolls-Royce, Bergen ·
  • Deutz AG ·
  • MAN B&W Diesel AG ·
  • Simplex (Compact Sterntube Seals) ·
  • API CF ·


For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Helpdesk.


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