Q8 T 3000


Q8 T 3000 Is a tractor rear axle and wet brake lubricant



Tractor rear axle and wet brake lubricant


• In agricultural and off-highway/construction equipment
• requiring special lubricant protection of the drive-axle
• as rear axle lubricant
• as oil-immersed brake/clutch fluid
• as transmission lubricant
• as hydraulic fluid


• Q8 T 3000 may be used as lubricant in off-highway/construction and agricultural equipment, when one or more of the following
specifications are used to describe the required lubricant quality:


• API GL-4
• Case MS 1207 (Hy-Tran Plus, transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Case MS 1209 (Hy-Tran Ultra, transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Case UK/David Brown (transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Fiat AF 87 (final drives, wet brakes)
• Ford New Holland ESEN-M2C86-B (transmissions, rear axle differentials with wet brakes, hydraulics)
• Komatsu Dresser B06-0002 (transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Landini UTTO (transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Massey Ferguson CMS M 1127 (transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Massey Ferguson CMS M 1135 (transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes)
• Massey Ferguson CMS M 1141 (transmissions, hydraulics, wet brakes – highly loaded)
• SAME UTTO (past 1981 models) (transmissions, hydraulics, final drives, wet brakes)
• Valmet/Volvo BM UTTO (transmissions, hydraulics)
• Allison C-3 (automatic transmissions)
• Caterpillar TO-2 (transmissions)


• Provides excellent drive-line lubrication
• Optimal friction characteristics for wet brakes
• Avoids IPTO clutch slippage
• Reduces wet brake noise
• Suitable for tractor hydraulic systems
• Excellent viscosity stability during service
• Provides good transmission lubrication
• Protects equipment against rust
• Prevents equipment component corrosion
• Contains effective anti-foam agent
• Compatible with conventional elastomers


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