Q8 Auto 14

Q8 Auto 14 Is a automatic transmission fluid


Automatic transmission fluid


• In automatic transmissions of most passenger cars, buses, off-highway/construction and military equipment as well as in selected
manual transmissions
• Also suitable as power steering fluid and as hydraulic fluid


• Q8 Auto 14 may be used as automatic/manual transmission fluid or power steering fluid, when one or more of the following
specifications are used to describe the required lubricant quality:


• Allison C – 4 (automatic transmissions)
• Caterpillar TO – 2 (transmissions)
• Chrysler MS-6704A (automatic transmissions)
• Clark Form TLC-25 3M 8-83 (power shifted transmissions and converters)
• Ford ESP-M2C138-CJ (C3 automatic transmissions since 1981)
• Ford ESP-M2C166-H (C5 automatic transmissions)
• Ford ESD-M2C186-A (MT 75 transmission, top-up only)
• Ford SQM-2C9010-A (automatic transmissions since 1981)
• Ford SQM-2C9010-B (reduction drive, 4 wheel drive only)
• Ford WSP-M2C185-A (Mercon)
• General Motors IID, GM 6137M (automatic transmissions)
• Komatsu Dresser B22-0004 (transmissions)
• MAN 339 Type Z-1 (previous type D) (ZF automatic transmissions)
• MAN 339 Type V-1 (previous type D) (Voith automatic transmissions)
• MB-Approval 236.1, 236.5 (automatic and selected transmissions)
• Renk Doromat (automatic transmissions)
• Voith 55.6335.3X (previous G-607) DIWA D85.., D86.. and D502- type automatic transmissions (with retarder)
• VME Americas EEMS 19088G (automatic/semi-automatic transmissions, hydraulics, power steering)
• Volvo 97340 (automatic transmissions)
• Volvo 97325 (hydraulic converters and power steering)
• Volvo 97335 (hydraulic converters, automatic transmissions, power steering)
• ZF TE-ML 02F (manual and automatic transmissions, trucks and buses)
• ZF TE-ML 03D (converter transmissions)
• ZF TE-ML 04D (Ship transmissions)
• ZF TE-ML 09 (power steering systems)
• ZF TE-ML 14A (truck, bus and off-highway Ecomat automatic transmissions)
• ZF TE-ML 17C (transmissions, axles forklift trucks)
• MB 236.7 (power steering)


• Universal ATF reduces product storage and handling costs
• Provides immediate lubrication after cold starting
• Withstands high temperatures caused by retarder operation
• Incorporates well balanced friction modifier system
• Possesses good oxidation stability and elastomer compatibility
• Offers smooth gear shifting and power steering performance
• Limits transmission wear and extends transmission life


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