Petronas Urania Maximo 5w-30


Petronas Urania Maximo 5w-30 Is a synthetic engine oil for all industrial and commercial vehicles




Fully Synthetic Engine Oil for all industrial and commercial vehicles equipped with diesel engines. Its highly technological formula, other than fulfilling and overcoming international specifications and those of the major Constructors, allows high protection of the engine against wear and exceptional benefits of Fuel Economy.




URANIA MAXIMO 5W-30 is an outstanding performance fully synthetic engine oil, developed specifically to overcome the challenge of the most demanding lubrication requirements of latest diesel engines.

  • Specifically developed to offer high capacity in terms of Fuel Economy, saving on fuel consumption, without compromising protection and duration of the engine;
  • Exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance to prevent degradation of the lubricant in time, with consequent increase in oil change intervals;
  • Technologically advanced formula, with high antiwear properties, able to protect the engine in even the most rigid usage conditions;
  • Excellent maintenance of the engine cleansing and protection against piston deposits thanks to the innovative additive system.

URANIA MAXIMO 5W-30 developed with outstanding quality synthetic bases and high performance additives which allow excellent low temperature fluidity, optimal thermal stability, very low volatility, constant engine performance and excellent protection of all parts and components. Its innovative technology allows exceptional benefits of low fuel consumption.




URANIA MAXIMO 5W-30 overcomes the most demanding quality requirements of all European commercial vehicle Constructors and can be used in all types of heavy diesel engines.


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