MOBIL VACTRA NO 4 Is a premium slideway oil

MOBIL VACTRA NO 4 is a Way and Slide Lubricants


Product Description

The Mobil VactraTM Oil Numbered Series* are premium-quality lubricants designed to fully meet the requirements for accuracy and parts finish of today’s high production machine tools. They are formulated from high-quality base stocks and performance balanced with a progressive additive system that provides low frictional properties and excellent corrosion protection. A unique advanced additive package helps reduce stick-slip and chatter under thin film, boundary lubrication conditions. This allows smooth, uniform motion at design travel speeds. The Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series* have been optimised to provide good separability from many aqueous coolants while minimising the corrosive effects of high pH coolants on lubricated surfaces.

The base stocks and additive package have been carefully selected to protect slides and ways while still providing good filterability. This is important because reduced flow or plugged applicator filters will increase stick-slip, chatter and wear. The metal-wetting and adhesive agents form uniform films that resist squeezing from way surfaces while the machine is not in operation.

Features and Benefits

The Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series oils have been developed and specifically designed to provide an extra margin of machinery protection by satisfying the stringent demands of the slide ways while meeting the requirements of the other lubricated components of the machine tools. They exhibit excellent lubricity and load-carrying performance contributing significantly to improving the production of quality parts. Their outstanding oxidation and thermal stability characteristics improve machine cleanliness, provide desirable filterability properties and reduce the need for frequent maintenance services. The Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series provide separability from many water and aqueous coolants reducing the potential negative effects of cross contamination enhancing the service life and performance of both the lubricant and the coolants.



Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series products are recommended both as slideway lubricants and as fluids for
moderate service machine tool hydraulic systems. These oils are designed for use with all combinations of cast iron, steel and non-metallic way materials. Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series may be applied by hand,
forced-feed lubricator or in flood application by circulation system. Their extreme pressure properties make them suitable for all types of gears found in machine tools. They should not be used in circulation systems where bulk oil temperatures exceed 66oC.


  • Mobil Vactra Oil No. 2 is recommended for horizontal slideways on small to medium size machine tools.
    It is also suitable for flood application in large machines
  • Mobil Vactra Oil No. 4 is the normal recommendation for large machines where way pressures are high or
    good precision is required. It is also recommended for vertical and inclined slideways where drain-down
    can be a problem
  • Mobil Vactra Oil Numbered Series can be used for lubrication of ballscrews, linear guides, headstocks,
    translating screws, spur and bevel gears, and lightly loaded worm gears
  • Applications where conventional mineral oil contamination of the aqueous coolants shortens coolant batch


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