Mobil Teresstic T 46


MOBIL TERESSTIC T 32 Is a range of high quality turbine and circulating system oil lubricant


Product Description


Teresstic T 32-100 is a range of high quality turbine and circulating system oil lubricants designed for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. This product family is used in steam turbines, light duty stationary gas turbines as well as circulating systems. Continually improved over the years, Teresstic T 32-100 oils are formulated with carefully selected basestocks and highly effective additives, including antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors and anti-foam agents.


Teresstic T 32-100 is available in four ISO viscosity grades ranging from ISO VG 32 to 100. Teresstic T 32 and 46 are formulated for turbine applications where a premium quality lubricant with good oxidation stability, rust protection and excellent interfacial properties (like air release, low foaming tendencies and rapid air separation are required).

The Teresstic T family of products provides a versatile lubricant source for a wide range of industrial equipment. These products are manufactured under strict standards to assure consistent quality year after year. Teresstic T 32-100 oils provide the users with very reliable and efficient operation, both in turbine applications and other industrial applications. They are particularly resistant to the effects of prolonged high temperature exposure and perform very well in circulating systems – even those with short oil residence times. This combination of benefits makes Teresstic T 32-100 the right choice for many users.

Features and Benefits


The Teresstic T 32-100 series of products are recognised for their high quality and reliability, as well as performance capabilities in tough conditions. This family of products is manufactured to the strictest quality standards. This series of products, with its wide range of viscosity grades, superior performance in a very wide range of industrial applications. The high quality base oils and selected additives used provide excellent oxidation resistance performance, critical in light duty gas and steam turbine applications.  Excellent water seperability, resistance to foaming and air  entrainment are important performance features for all circulation systems, especially those with short residence times. Very good rust and corrosion performance provides protection for all applications. Some of the features and potential benefits offered by these oils are:


  • Wide range of industrial applications, including steam and light duty gas turbines, for versatility and efficient inventorying
  • High quality products with strong reputation for reliability resulting in less maintenance and unanticipated downtime
  • Long life in turbine and circulating applications leads to lower product replacement costs
  • Manufactured under our stringent Quality Integrity Management System (QIMS) quality control standards
  • Formulated from high quality base oils and specially selected functional additives




Teresstic T 32-100 is a range of premium quality turbine lubricants designed for use in a wide variety of industrial
applications including:

  • Circulating systems exposed to moderately high temperatures and requiring long service life
  • Land-based and marine steam turbines and light duty industrial gas turbines requiring mineral oil
  • Hydro-turbines
  • Hydraulic systems


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