Klüber Silvertex P 91




Klüber Silvertex P 91 Is a synthetic special oil for knitting machines




Your benefits at a glance




– Dissolves yarn and oil residues on stitch-forming elements, no dismantling of components necessary
– Proven running-in oil for new cylinders, needles, sinkers and cams




Your requirements – our solution




In the knitting industry, requirements in terms of a lower defect rate, less downtime and higher production rates are becoming more and more stringent. We therefore developed Klüber Silvertex P 91, a special oil which is manufactured in consistent quality using a special synthetic base oil and additives. Klüber Silvertex P 91 can be used to dissolve deposits and smoothen/ run in metal surfaces. This helps reduce your operating costs.








Due to its low viscosity, Klüber Silvertex P 91 penetrates even very tight clearances of your knitting machines. Klüber Silvertex P 91 dissolves oil or yarn residues on cylinders, dials, sinker rings, needles, sinkers, couplings and cams of your knitting machine. The oil thus cleans the needle slots, enabling better backflow of the new needle oil and better wetting of the lubricated surfaces. This leads to longer needle and sinker life in your high-performance knitting machine.


Klüber Silvertex P 91 has proven successful as running-in oil for new machines, needles, cylinders and/or needle cams. Due to the low viscosity of Klüber Silvertex P 91, metal particles are flushed from the machine with the oil. Klüber Silvertex P 91 can be used in circular, flat-bed and hosiery knitting machines.




Application notes



Klüber Silvertex P 91 is supplied ready-to-use.


Circular knitting machines:


Klüber Silvertex P 91 can be applied through the oiler system of the knitting machine or by means of a suitable hand oiler. Circular knitting machines running at very high speeds should be slowed down prior to applying Klüber Silvertex P 91. Please note that due to the dissolving effect of Klüber Silvertex P 91, residues are flushed from the machine, possibly increasing contamination of the knitwear.


Flat-bed knitting machines:

Klüber Silvertex P 91 is applied on today’s flat-bed knitting machines in the same way as on circular knitting machines.
Please ensure that the needle butts or sinker slides as well as needle cams are relubricated with the same needle and sinker oil after applying Klüber Silvertex P 91. Relubrication intervals specified by some machine manufacturers have to be reduced. As Klüber Silvertex P 91 changes its viscosity with decreasing temperatures, we recommend heating it up before use in order to ensure troublefree operation of the machines.
If you wish to optimise the service life of your knitting machine or have any other questions regarding your application, our experts will be pleased to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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