Klüber Microlube GB 00


Klüber Microlube GB 00 Is a fluid gear grease.


Benefits for your application


– Fluid gear grease
– High pressure absorption capacity
– Good wear protection
– Good anticorrosion behaviour
– No chanelling in case of immersion lubrication
– Pumpable through centralized systems




MICROLUBE GB 00 is a special mineral oil based grease free from solid lubricants. It has a high pressure absorption capacity, provides excellent protection against wear and corrosion, shows good wetting behaviour, water resistance and backflow behaviour.




MICROLUBE GB 00 is suitable for the lubraction of rams in mechanical presses, heavy-duty oiltight spur and bevel gears (e.g. gear motors, small gears), worm gears with steel/ steel components as well as toothed couplings. It is also suitable for the lubrication of slideways, guides and large chain drives.


Application notes


MICROLUBE GB 00 is suitable for the immersion lubrication of gears up to a peripheral speed of approx. 4 m/s. Forced-feed lubrication is possible at increased speeds. MICROLUBE GB 00 can also be applied through centralized systems.


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