Klüber Klüberlub BEM 41-122


Klüber Klüberlub BEM 41-122 Is a Special lubricating grease with light coloured solid lubricants for slow, oscillating movements.


Benefits for your application

– for pivoting bearings, rolling and plain bearings
– for high surface pressure
– for slow oscillating movements
– long-term lubrication due to formation of tribolayers
– reduces tribocorrosion


Klüberlub BEM 41-122 is based on a mixture of mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbon oil thickened with a special lithium soap and light coloured solid lubricants.

The special structure of Kluberlub BEM 41-122 combines with the friction surface to form wear-resistant tribo-layers. Such tribo-layers reduce wear and prevent tribocorrosion, thus increasing the component’s service life. In addition the special additives contained in Klüberlub BEM 41-122 improve the general oxidation stability and corrosion protection of the lubricant.


Klüberlub BEM 41-122 has been designed specially for lubrication of pivoting rolling and plain bearings subject to high surface pressure and slow oscillating movements in the mixed friction regime. The product is especialy suitable for steel/steel bearings to prevent premature failure and scuffing damage. Such bearings can be found in the automotive and aviation industry, building machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery.

Application notes

Klüberlub BEM 41-122 may be applied by brush, spatula, grease gun or cartridge. Pumpability in automatic lubrication systems should be checked prior to longer term use.


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