Klüber Isoflex Topas OPN 4


Klüber Isoflex Topas OPN 4 Is a synthetic thread and sealing grease.


Benefits for your application


– Thread and sealing grease
– Wide service temperature range
– Resistant to oxidation and ageing
– Good sliding friction properties at low temperatures
– Good corrosion protection



ISOFLEX TOPAS OPN 4 is a synthetic thread and sealing grease for precision engineering applications and optical components. It consists of synthetic hydrocarbon oil and barium complex soap. It protects against corrosion, is resistant to oxidation and ageing, and can be used in a wide service temperature range.




ISOFLEX TOPAS OPN 4 is suitable as a sealing grease for lens threads and adjusting units in photo and precision optical equipment, and as an instrument grease in telecommunications, data processing and precision engineering applications.

ISOFLEX TOPAS OPN 4 is particularly adhesive and has good low-temperature properties, thus ensuring uniform actuation torques at low temperatures. Condensation is not expected on optical glass surfaces.

Application notes


The lubricant is applied to the clean friction point by brush or spatula. Owing to the different compositions of elastomers and plastic materials, compatibility tests are indispensable before series application.





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