Klüber Hotemp Super N

Klüber Hotemp Super N Is a special high-temperature oil.
Klüber Hotemp Super N is a High-temperature oil for continuous particle board presses.


Benefits for your application


– Maximum machine life even at high operating temperatures due to good spreading and wetting properties
– No lacquer-like residues and thus low contamination of machines due to quasi-continuous total loss lubrication
– Low consumption due to low evaporation losses at high temperatures
– Keeps the lubrication systems free of residues, thus reduced maintenance




HOTEMP SUPER N is a special high-temperature oil providing reliable lubrication even at high temperatures and speeds. It is an advanced product based on the high-temperature chain oils of the HOTEMP series.

HOTEMP SUPER N has only low evaporation losses at high temperatures. When properly applied, it does not form any lacquer-like residues provided the friction points are always covered with an oil film. In addition, HOTEMP SUPER N offers excellent penetrating properties and thus ensures a rapid lubricating film formation (see Application notes).



In the woodworking industry


We have already gained vast, positive experience with the application of HOTEMP SUPER N in double-belt presses for the continuous production of fibre and particle boards or laminates, especially in the following systems:


– ContiRoll® of Messrs. Siempelkamp
– Conti-Panel-System of Messrs. Dieffenbacher
– küsters press® of Messrs. Metso/Küsters


These double-belt presses operate at high pressures and very high temperatures (>200 °C).

The most complex lubrication points on the moving parts in the heating and compression area are:


– steel belts, carpets of calibrated rollers, heating platens
– roller bar chains
– contact pressure and aligning chains
– steel belts, beds of roller chains, heating platens


Friction points, i.e. steel belts/roller bars or chain carpets are fully exposed to the heating/compressing temperature.

Due to the thermal radiation, the other chains are subject to temperatures ranging from approx. 150 to 180 °C.


Application notes


According to the experience we gained on our test rigs and in practice, HOTEMP SUPER N does not form any lacquer-like residues when properly applied, i.e. if belts, roller bars, chains and slide rails are always covered with an oil film. However, extremely high temperatures in combination with insufficient lubrication may lead to the formation of powdery residues.

When applying fresh oil in time, such residues will be regenerated and ensure proper lubricant supply to the friction points.