Klüber Hotemp Super N Plus


Klüber Hotemp Super N Plus is a special high-temperature oil for continuous wood panel presses


Benefits for your application


– Reduced energy consumption and improved efficiency due to advanced additives, even at very high temperatures
– No lacquer-like residues formed under continuous total loss lubrication conditions
– Low evaporation losses with reduced oil consumption and fume formation
– Good adhesion and spreading properties, minimised contamination risk and effective lubricant supply to all friction points




HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS is a special high-temperature oil for use on the latest generation of continuous board presses subject to highest process temperatures and speeds. HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS is an advanced product based on the HOTEMP…series with further development in terms of evaporation losses at temperatures between 230 and 260 °C. No lacquer-like residues are formed under continuous total loss lubrication conditions. The special additives contained in HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS ensure good wear protection, spreading properties and stable lubricating film generation.




For use in continuous belt presses manufacturing fibreboard, such as particle, MDF, HDF, OSB or LVL boards.
The product has been designed especially for use in the following systems:

ContiRoll® of Messrs. Siempelkamp Conti-Panel-System of Messrs. Dieffenbacher küsters press®/contipressTM of Messrs. Metso/Küsters Complex lubrication points in the heating and compression area are:

– steel belts, roller rod carpets, heating platens
– roller bar chains
– contact-pressure and alignment chains or
– steel belts, beds of special roller chains, heating platens

The friction points, i.e. steel belts & roller rods, are fully exposed to heating and compression temperatures. Chains are exposed to radiant heat typically at temperatures of 160 °C to 190 °C.

The other chains, pins and bending rods are lubricated with other HOTEMP SUPER products depending on machine design and operating conditions.


Application notes


According to the experience we gained on our test rigs and in practice, HOTEMP SUPER N PLUS does not form any lacquerlike residues when properly applied, i.e. if belts, roller bars, chains and slide rails are always covered with an oil film.

However, extremely high temperatures in combination with insufficient lubrication may lead to the formation of powdery residues. When applying fresh oil in time, such residues will be regenerated and ensure proper lubricant supply to the friction points.


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