Klüber Hotemp Super CH 2-100

Klüber Hotemp Super CH 2-100 Is a synthetic high-temperature chain oil.


Benefits for your application


– Maximum machine life even at high operating temperatures due to good lubricating, spreading and wetting properties
– Reduced oil consumption and fume formation due to low evaporation losses at high temperatures
– Regenerates and dissolves pasty oil residues, hence less maintenance and unobstructed lubricating systems
– Reduced operating costs and low current consumption of electric drives due to low friction and wear values




HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 is a synthetic high-temperature chain oil based on a low-viscous, solvent-free and thermally stable ester oil.
The special additives contained in HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 ensure good wear protection and lubricity.
HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 has only low evaporation losses at high operating temperatures.






HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 has been especially designed for the lubrication of roller bar chains and bending rods/pins in continuous wood presses of Messrs. Dieffenbacher and Siempelkamp.

HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 dissolves and regenerates pasty oil residues and reduces or prevents chain contamination.



Application notes



HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 is used in a separate lubrication circuit to lubricate the roller bar chains/pins.
In addition, HOTEMP SUPER CH 2-100 can be used to lubricate all chains which require a low-viscous oil with good penetrating properties for cleaning purposes.





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