Klüber Hotemp 2000


Klüber Hotemp 2000 Is an advanced, synthetic high-temperature lubricant.


Benefits for your application


– Thermally stable, for use up to approx. 250 °C
– Good adhesion to friction points, long-term lubricating effect and low consumption
– Good creeping and penetration, hence lower consumption and easy application
– Resistant to centrifuging, therefore reduced risk of environmental contamination
– Insoluble in water, good wash-off resistance




HOTEMP 2000 is an advanced, fully synthetic high-temperature oil for friction points that are normally lubricated manually.
HOTEMP 2000 is resistant to temperatures up to 250 °C and does not decompose thermally into hard, lacquer-like residues that may stiffen or seize chain joints.



HOTEMP 2000 is used for lubrication points subject to high thermal loads as are common in chains, slideways, gears, wire ropes, guideways or cams.
It is not washed off and penetrates well into chain joints and friction points.
HOTEMP 2000 is preferably used for temperatures up to approx. 250 °C. A durable, load-carrying lubricant film is  attained even at these high temperatures.

Application notes


HOTEMP 2000 can be applied manually by brush or automatically by drip feeders or a spray system. Klüber will be pleased to provide information on suitable equipment.

HOTEMP 2000 is also available as a spray (Art. No. 081133). When applied, HOTEMP 2000 forms a highly adhesive lubricant film that resists centrifuging and water wash-off.