Klüber Hotemp 2000 Spray


Klüber Hotemp 2000 Spray Is an advanced, synthetic high-temperature lubricating oil in aerosol form for manual lubrication.

Benefits for your application


– High thermal stability
– Good adhesion to friction points, long-term lubricating effect
– Good creeping and penetration, hence lower consumption
– Resistant to centrifuging, therefore reduced risk of contamination
– Insoluble in water, good wash-off resistance







HOTEMP 2000 Spray is an advanced, synthetic hightemperature lubricant in aerosol form for friction points that are normally lubricated manually.

Following evaporation of the solvent, HOTEMP 2000 Spray forms an even, thin and highly adhesive lubricant film.







HOTEMP 2000 Spray is used for lubrication points subject to high thermal loads as are common in chains, slideways, gears, wire ropes, guideways or cams.

HOTEMP 2000 Spray is also an ideal lubricant for motorcycle chains (also O-ring chains). It is not washed off and penetrates well into chain joints and friction points.

HOTEMP 2000 Spray forms a durable, load-carrying lubricant film even at high temperatures. For the ideal service temperature, please refer to the product data.



Application notes




Ensure sufficient ventilation when processing HOTEMP 2000 Spray as explosive mixtures may form.

Do not spray against naked flame or onto hot or incandescent objects. Observe additional instructions for use in material
safety data sheet and on can label.

When applied, HOTEMP 2000 Spray forms a highly adhesive lubricant film that resists centrifuging and water wash-off. It is economical in use thanks to its adjustable nozzle. The spray jet can be changed from vertical to horizontal to ensure application of the right quantity at the desired lubrication point.


Sprays should not be exposed to direct sunlight and temperatures above 50 °C.