Klüber Grafloscon SY 20 Ultra


Klüber Grafloscon SY 20 Ultra Is a liquid lubricant synthesis oil dispersion. Klüber Grafloscon SY 20 Ultra is a high-temperature dispersion.


Benefits for your application


– Resistant to high thermal stress
– Applicable with spraying and spray jet equipment
– Solvent-free




GRAFLOSCON SY 20 ULTRA is a fluid hardly inflammable solid lubricant and synthetic oil solvent-free dispersion for high temperature  applications. The base fluid evaporates at approx.300 °C virtually without residues, leaving a silver-grey solid lubricating film.



GRAFLOSCON SY 20 ULTRA was specifically developed as a high-temperature lubricant for the internal lubrication of thrust rings in rotary kilns in the cement and processing industries to ensure maximum uniformity of relative movements. It is suitable for drive chains under high thermal stress, and for guide and slide ways.


Application notes


In narrow component conditions, use manual spray jet equipment (Klübermatic KD) to apply the lubricant with a concentrated jet (thrust ring lubrication). For finely dispersed full-surface application, use hand sprayers (Klübermatic LB) or a brush; the lubricant can also be poured.

GRAFLOSCON SY 20 ULTRA is not suitable for central lubrication systems with relubrication intervals of more than 24 hours at each friction point. We recommend contacting our service technicians prior to using the product in central lubrication systems. Solid particles may settle during storage. Stir the lubricant in its original packing or intermediate storage container prior to application.