Klüber Constant GLY 2100

Klüber Constant GLY 2100 Is a synthetic impregnating fluid for sintered metal plain bearings.


Your benefits at a glance


– Longer component life due to good ageing resistance and thermal stability
– Smooth-running fluid
– Good low-temperature behaviour prevents creaking noises
– Extended bearing life due to reduced starting-up wear
– Enables energy savings due to low starting and running torques
– Excellent ageing stability due to low internal heating even at high speeds
– Versatile uses due to good compatibility with elastomers
– Additional wear protection due to matching soap


Your requirements – our solution


As bearings are repeatedly started and stopped, their speed varies or their sense of rotation is continuously reversed, the hydrodynamic oil film in the friction point will collapse at intervals. If this goes on for a certain period of time, premature wear will be the consequence. To reduce this effect, CONSTANT GLY 2100 contains an additional soap such that mixed friction is largely prevented.

The advanced speciality lubricant design provides lifetime lubrication over a wide service temperature range, with added reserve capacity for low temperatures. The excellent anticorrosive effect of CONSTANT GLY 2100 fluid enables trouble-free operation of both iron and bronze bearings.



CONSTANT GLY 2100 is intended for the lubrication of sintered metal plain bearings used in precision engineering, electrical engineering, the automotive sector and household appliances.

Application notes


The pores of sintered metal plain bearings are filled with CONSTANT GLY 2100 by means of vacuum immersion. The fluid should not be filtered too finely. For a longer service life, the ready-to-use product MIKROZELLA G8 OY K can be applied to the circumference of the bearing by means of conventional, fully automatic lubricating systems. We recommend conducting a metering test in the original dosing device under practical operating conditions.