Klüber Amblygon TA 30/2


Klüber Amblygon TA 30/2 Is a long-term and high-temperature lubricating grease. Klüber Amblygon TA 30/2 is a Special greases for long-term lubrication and high temperatures.

Benefits for your application


– Good resistance to ambient media, water and water steam
– Good corrosion protection
– Good adhesion
– Good sealing effect
– Suitable up to 160 °C




AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 are long-term and hightemperature lubricating greases based on mineral oil and polyurea.

These lubricating greases are used for long-term lifetime lubrication in the machine-building sector covering a wide service temperature range up to 160 °C. AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 offer good adhesion, resistance to hot water and diluted alkaline and acid solutions. AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 are resistant to oxidation and ageing and protect against corrosion.



AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 lubricate bearings and joints subject to high loads and temperatures, for example in:


– conveyors
– rollers in continuous casting machines
– kilns (rotary tubular kilns)
– water pumps
– hot rollers
– tarmac laying machines
– gate valves
– seals
– washing machines and dishwashers
– impact mechanisms in power tools
– wheel bearings, joints, hinges
– king pins
– fully enclosed rolling bearings
– block presses


AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 are also used in combination with mineral-oil-resistant elastomer seals.

Application notes


Prior to series application we recommend checking compatibility with elastomers, if possible in the component under conditions similar to actual use.