GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate


GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate is a premium premium, organic acid technology coolant (OAT) and does not contain silicates, borates, nitrites, phosphates, or amines. This product offers extended change intervals (Up to 4 years following a flush and fill) due to the OAT technology. This coolant represents the latest generation of Glycoshell coolants and is suitable for the newest automotive applications as well as extending the service interval on all other vehicles.




  • Glycoshell Longlife is a nitrite-, amine-, phosphate-, silicate-, borate-free coolant based on ethylene glycol concentrate


GlycoShell Longlife


  • Concentrate gives outstanding protection against frost, corrosion and overheating in all modern engines, but especially highly loaded aluminium engines. It effectively protects against corrosion and deposits in the cooling system with its vital parts, the coolant channels in the block and cylinder head, the radiator, the water pump and the heater.




  • GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate is miscible and compatible with previous silicate containing coolants meeting VW standard TL774B or C such as GlycoShell
  • Since the special advantages of GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate such as improved protection for Aluminium and longer change intervals will only be achieved using only GlycoShell Longlife, mixing with other coolants should be done only in exceptional circumstances and then at levels less than 10-20%. When mixed, the service interval is that of the lessor coolant
  • GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate requires dilution with high quality water suitable for use in vehicle coolant systems, at a recommended rate of 50%.
  • Water used for coolant systems should be de-ionized, distilled, or RO water for best results. Waste water from mining, sea water; brackish water; brine, industrial waste water are all unsuitable.
Storage Stability
  • GlycoShell Longlife Concentrate is stable for at least 2-5 years if stored in airtight containers. Do Not store the product in galvanized containers.


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