Fuchs Renolit S 2


Fuchs Renolit S 2 is a lithium-soap grease



  • Fuchs RENOLIT S 2 is a light brown, lithium soap grease. It is water-resistant, oxidation-resistant, protects against corrosion and shows excellent low temperature behaviour.
  • The particularly low temperature-resistant raw materials used for the manufacture of RENOLIT S 2 can cause discolouration of non-ferrous metals and possibly attack or swell rubber and plastic sealing materials at temperatures over 90°C. We therefore recommend checking the compatibility of such materials before RENOLIT S 2 is used.




  • The low dynamic friction of RENOLIT S 2 makes it ideal for the lubrication of all small, high speed plain, roller and precision bearings if their operating speed exceeds the roller bearing manufacturer’s upper limits for grease lubrication, even at low and fluctuating temperatures.
  • Application examples are small electric motors, instruments, and electrical apparatus in low and critical climatic conditions such as air traffic control systems, refrigerators, air conditioners and transmitter equipment.




• Suitable for high rotational speed
• Low dynamic friction
• Excellent low temperature behaviour
• Oxidation resistant
• Excellent corrosion protection properties
• Water resistant


Shelf Life

  • The minimum shelf life is 36 months if the product is properly stored between 0°C and 40°C in its unopened original container in a dry place.
  • The indication of a minimum shelf life does not include any guarantee of durability.


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