Fuchs Renolin ZAF 68 DT


Fuchs Renolin ZAF 68 DT Is a universal zinc- and ash-free hydraulic fluid.

Fuchs Renolin ZAF 68 DT is a Special hydraulic and gear oils with detergent properties, heavy metal-free, per DBL 6721 requirements


Modern machine tools and hydraulic systems are expected to meet increasing requirements for precision, speed and reliability. The use of zinc-free hydraulic and gear oils is becoming increasingly significant. Especially, when hydraulic oils are used in cases where the metalworking fluid and the hydraulic fluids can be mixed, a zinc-free product is often required.

The FUCHS RENOLIN ZAF DT products are detergent dispersant, zinc- and ash-free hydraulic and lubricating oils which offer excellent wear protection, especially under mixed friction conditions (high Brugger value).


Advantages / Benefits


• High oxidation stability, good aging stability
• Very good wear protection (high EP/AW effectiveness)
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Good air release properties, low foaming tendency
• Very good detergent and dispersant capacity
• Good compatibility with sealing materials




The RENOLIN ZAF DT oils are special oils that can be used as hydraulic and lubricating oils for various applications in hydraulic systems, gears, bearings and lubricating systems. The RENOLIN ZAF DT oils are recommended for use in highly-stressed hydraulic and control systems. The DD additives used in the RENOLIN ZAF DT-series improve surface wetting, thereby promoting the formation of a stable lubricating film. They prevent the formation of deposits in narrow passages in control components. Water that has penetrated, or condensate that forms in undesired locations in the lubricating system and causes corrosion or impairs lubricity is suspended, highly dispersed, in the oil, and can thus be filtered out.





The RENOLIN ZAF DT-series meets and in many cases exceeds the requirements according to:


• DIN 51524-2: HLP (except: demulsifying properties)
• ISO 6743-4: HM
• DIN 51517-3: CLP
• ISO 6743-6: CKC
• ISO 11158: HM


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