Fuchs Renolin Therm 380 S


Fuchs Renolin Therm 380 S Is a Special mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon-based oil.

Fuchs Renolin Therm 380 S is a Synthetic Heat Transfer Fluid.




FUCHS RENOLIN THERM 380 S is a high-performance, synthetic, organic heat transfer fluid based on isomeric dibenzyl toluenes for use in the liquid phase in closed heat transfer systems with forced circulation (heat transfer oils Q DIN 51522). RENOLIN THERM 380 S can be used over the entire working range without pressure overlap. The boiling range of the product at atmospheric pressure is higher than the limit for use.




RENOLIN THERM 380 S is optimally suited for use in the indirect heating of reactors, polymerization tanks and distillation columns, processing machines and driers, as well as heat exchangers in processing plants and in systems for heat recovery. The heat transfer fluid is best used at temperatures ranging from 250 to 340 °C. The upper limit for use is an inlet temperature of 350 °C. The film temperature should not exceed 380 °C.




Heat transfer oil Q according to DIN 51522.




• Excellent thermal stability
• Extremely low coking
• Wide service temperature range
• Low residue formation, clean systems
• Good heat transfer properties
• Protects against corrosion
• Long service life
• Pumpable to – 5 °C
• Permissible film temperature 380 °C
• Long service life


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