Fuchs Renolin SC 68 MC


Fuchs Renolin SC 68 MC Is a cooling oil for screw compressors.

Fuchs Renolin SC 68 MC is a Cooling and lubricating oils for sliding vane and screwtype compressors based on special MC synthetic oils.



The FUCHS RENOLIN SC MC series was developed to meet the increased demands of sliding vane and screw-type compressors. Due to function, there is intensive turbulence of cooling oil and oxygen from the air. At final compression temperatures up to 110 °C, the oils are exposed to serious attack by oxidation, which accelerates aging. The selection of special oils of the MC synthesis and additives makes long-term operation free of malfunctions possible. For optimum function of the oil separator, air release capacity and low foaming tendency are characteristic of oils for screw-type compressors. A high viscosity index with shear stability, as well as very good aging behaviour and the above mentioned requirements describe the performance capability of the RENOLIN SC MC series, which make extension of the service intervals possible.



Air compressor lubricants for oil-injected sliding vane and screw-type compressors with a compression
temperature of up to 110 °C. For compression of other media, please contact our applications
engineering department. Consult manufacturer’s specifications.



• MC synthetic oil base
• Very good viscosity-temperature behaviour
• Multigrade character
• Good cold-start performance
• Very good aging behaviour
• Extension of service intervals possible
• High, shear-stable VI
• Low evaporation
• Low coking
• Good demulsification capability


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