Fuchs Renolin SC 46


Fuchs Renolin SC 46 Is a cooling oil for screw compressors.

Fuchs Renolin SC 46 is a Cooling and lubricating oils for vane and screw compressors.




The FUCHS RENOLIN SC series was developed to meet the increased requirements of vane and screw compressors. Due to the function of screw compressors, intensive swirling of the cooling oil and air occurs. At final compression temperatures of up to 110 °C, the oils are subjected to a strong oxidative attack that accelerates aging. The selection of special base oils and additive systems makes long, interruption-free operations possible. To ensure optimum performance of the oil separator, the air release properties and low foaming are characteristic for screw compressor oils. Excellent wear protection and the requirements listed above describe the performance capability of the RENOLIN SC series.




Air compressor lubricants for oil-injected vane and screw compressors with final compression temperatures of up to 110 °C. For advice regarding the compression of other media, please contact our Applications Technology department. Please comply with manufacturers’ specifications.




• Excellent oxidative and thermal stability
• Final compression temperatures up to 110 °C
• Good demulsification behaviour
• Low evaporation losses
• Minimal coking
• Low foaming tendency
• Good air release properties
• Protects against wear and corrosion


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