Fuchs Renolin PG 46


Fuchs Renolin PG 46 Is a fully-synthetic hydraulic and lubricating oil

Fuchs Renolin PG 46 is a Polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based fully-synthetic hydraulic and lubricating oils




The importance of polyalkylene glycol-based hydraulic fluids and general lubricating oils is increasing. The raw materials used for the production of polyglycols are epoxides manufactured by synthesis which can be processed to get polymers of a uniform structure but of different chain lengths. Different viscosity grades are formed by just varying the chain length of these polymers. Since hydraulic oils have to fulfil a large number of requirements the FUCHS RENOLIN PG products are based on special polyalkylene glycols (PAG) containing additives to increase the aging resistance and to ensure a good wear and corrosion protection.




RENOLIN PG hydraulic fluids and general lubricating oils are recommended for various severe applications e.g. when a high share of sliding friction or continuous high temperatures occur. The RENOLIN PG series of products are used as general lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and are suitable for lubricating technical gas compressors (no solubility with hydrocarbon gases). RENOLIN PG oils are NOT compatible with mineral oils, native or synthetic esters and polyalphaolefins (PAO). Do not mix RENOLIN PG products with these oils.


RENOLIN PG products are water miscible. Elastomers, varnish and coatings have to be compatible with polyglycols.


Benefits / Advantages


• Very good viscosity-temperature behaviour (high viscosity index)
• High shear stability
• Very low friction coefficient
• Excellent wear protection
• Excellent oxidation stability and aging resistance
• Good corrosion protection
• Good air separation
• Low foaming


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