Fuchs Renolin MRX 46


Fuchs Renolin MRX 46 Is a multi-purpose hydraulic and lubricating oil.

Fuchs Renolin MRX 46 is a Multi-purpose hydraulic and lubricating oils with excellent corrosion protection.



The requirements for hydraulic systems and thus the  hydraulic and lubricating oils used in these systems are steadily increasing. The

FUCHS RENOLIN MRX products were developed for applications which require an extremely high purity of the system as well as
extraordinary corrosion protection properties. The oils of the RENOLIN MRX series are based on highly refined base oils, combined with special, synergistically acting additives. Due to the excellent oxidation stability and high wear protection, and
particularly due to the outstanding corrosion protection properties, sludge-carrying capacity and self-cleaning characteristics of the MRX products, which by far exceed the performance of standard hydraulic oils, hydraulic systems are reliably protected from failures
and break-downs. Thus the availability of hydraulic systems is increased and maintenance costs can be reduced.
Even if there is a high risk of dust/dirt or water contamination of the hydraulic system, the RENOLIN MRX oils keep the system clean and help to avoid the formation of sludge, deposits and corrosion




The RENOLIN MRX hydraulic and lubricating oils are especially recommended for systems which are exposed to a high risk of dust/dirt or water contamination, e.g. for mobile hydraulic systems, for running-in procedures or in agriculture and forestry applications.




• High wear protection
• Low friction coefficient
• High ageing stability
• Good air release properties
• Low foaming
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Excellent sludge-carrying and self-cleaning capacity (detergent / dispersant)




The RENOLIN MRX products meet and exceed the requirements according to

• DIN 51524-2: HLP(D)


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