Fuchs Renolin MR 520


Fuchs Renolin MR 520 Is a universal lubricating and hydraulic oil.

Fuchs Renolin MR 520 is a Multi-purpose oils for bearings, transmissions and hydraulic systems with excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour.



Lubricating and hydraulic oils with excellent lowtemperature flowability and/or viscosity properties independent from the temperature should be used in machines and aggregates which have a wide operating temperature range or viscosity-sensitive hydraulic control units. FUCHS RENOLIN MR 520, meet all requirements made on these types of HV hydraulic oils, also known as high VI hydraulic oils.

RENOLIN MR 520, show an excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour. Due to their extremely high viscosity index, the products can cover several ISO viscosity classes. Selected base oils
together with synergistic additives guarantee excellent cold-flow- / low-temperature properties. RENOLIN MR 520 stand out due to the
same multi-functional properties as our RENOLIN MR
multi-purpose lubricating oils. RENOLIN MR oils are high-performance, multi-purpose oils based on selected base oils. Additives improve their ageing resistance and guarantee excellent corrosion protection. Selected anti-wear- (AW-) and extremepressure- (EP-) additives improve the performance of
the oils under mixed friction conditions, they reduce  wear and increase the load carrying capacity. The anti-wear-components reduce energy consumption and friction and prevent the machine components from wear and stick-slip phenomena. Selected detergent / dispersant (DD) additives guarantee
excellent cleaning properties and sludge carrying capacity. The oils of the RENOLIN MR-series show a very good filterability. Electrostatic phenomena are avoided. The RENOLIN MR oils are produced with zinc-containing additive systems.



• Very high viscosity index
• Wide operating temperature range
• Excellent low-temperature properties
• Excellent cleaning properties, high detergent / dispersant (DD) level
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Avoid electrostatic phenomena
• High ageing resistance
• Good air release
• Low foaming



RENOLIN MR 520,are recommended for use as high-performance, high-VI multi-purpose lubricating oils when machines and aggregates are exposed to changing temperatures, operated at low temperatures or when they are sensitive to variations in viscosity. They are especially vital when excellent corrosion protection is required. The high level of selected DD-additives gives excellent cleaning properties and avoids the formation of sludge and carbon residues. Surface-active substances form lubrication layers which avoid wear and stick-slip phenomena.

RENOLIN MR 520, are recommended for sensitive hydraulic systems which are exposed to extreme temperature changes (e.g. in ski resorts, fire brigade technical units, etc.).



RENOLIN MR 520,  fulfil and surpass the specifications:


• DIN 51524-3: HVLP(D)
• ISO 6743-4: HV (with detergent / dispersant properties)
• ISO 11158: HR (with detergent / dispersant properties)


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