Fuchs Renolin MR 5 VG 22


Fuchs Renolin MR 5 VG 22 Is a universal lubricating and hydraulic oil.

Fuchs Renolin MR 5 VG 22 is a Special lubricating and hydraulic fluids with excellent corrosion protection.



The products of the FUCHS RENOLIN MR-series are specialHLP-D lubricating and hydraulic fluids according to  DIN 51502 with excellent corrosion protection, outstanding contaminant-removing and transportation properties (detergent / dispersant properties).

RENOLIN MR contains zinc and is used as a problem solver in hydraulic systems where standard oils fail.



RENOLIN MR are lubricating oils for circulation and bearing lubrication, superbly suited for applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic systems where the use of a detergent / dispersant hydraulic oil with low friction coefficients, good stick-slip behaviour and excellent corrosion protection properties is required.

RENOLIN MR is also suited for use as high-speed spindle oil, break-in oil, and corrosion protection oil.



The products meet or exceed the requirements according to:


• DIN 51524-2: HLP (exception: demulsifying properties according to DIN ISO 6614)
• ISO 6743-4: HM



• Excellent corrosion protection
(see: test results, page 2)
• Low foaming tendency
• Good air release properties
• High ageing resistance
• Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
• Protects against wear
• Excellent contaminant-removing and transportation properties (detergent / dispersant properties)
• Low friction coefficient
• Reduces stick-slip effects


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