Fuchs Renolin Formenoel 550


Fuchs Renolin Formenoel 550 Is a release agent





The FUCHS RENOLIN FORMENOEL products are based on selected solvent neutral base oils. Additives guarantee the excellent formation of a separating film in the application. The products guarantee excellent corrosion protection (iron and steel materials). The formation of residues or discoloration on the surface of cement has not been observed during the application.



The products of the RENOLIN FORMENOEL Series are universally applicable as mould release agents. They are recommended for general use, especially where steel/iron parts are in use.



The products of the RENOLIN FORMENOEL Series are based on low viscosity solvent neutral base oils. They differ in viscosity and in the additivation.



• Universally applicable
• Low consumption
• Good corrosion protection (steel and iron materials)
• No discoloration of the cement surface
• Good separating properties


RENOLIN FORMENOEL 550 is recommended as a mould release agent for steel parts. It is well-suited for use in difficult form release processes, especially if a spotless concrete surface is required. It can also be used for plastic forms if the plastic material used is resistant to petroleum products. It can be used in general applications with white concrete, prefabricated elements, terrazzo plates and concrete thresholds.


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