Fuchs Renolin Eterna 32


Fuchs Renolin Eterna 32 Is a Turbine oils turbo-compressors.

Fuchs Renolin Eterna 32 is a High quality turbine oils – new generation




FUCHS RENOLIN ETERNA turbine oils were developed for gas, steam, and expansion turbines as well as for turbo compressors with and without gearboxes based on the latest lubrication technology. The excellent properties of the base oils produced in a special process are enhanced using a carefully selected additive system. RENOLIN ETERNA oils contain no organo-metallic compounds and are therefore ash-less. They provide a zinc-free wear protection.




RENOLIN ETERNA is especially suited for use in turbine systems with a common control and lubricating oil circuit. It can also be used as a bearing and sealing oil in hydrogen-cooled generators.

RENOLIN ETERNA has excellent anti wear properties and excellent Vickers Vane Pump results, V104C.


RENOLIN ETERNA has excellent wear protection properties. The failure load stage is 12 according to FZG test DIN ISO 14635-1.

RENOLIN ETERNA shows excellent roller bearing wear protection. FE8 test is passed with excellent result.

RENOLIN ETERNA can be used as CLP (EP) gear oil according to DIN 51517-3.

RENOLIN ETERNA can also be used as lubricating oil in Hydropower turbines (water turbines).




• High thermal stability
• Good viscosity-temperature behaviour
• Rapid air release
• No foaming
• Low pourpoint
• Good wear protection
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Good water separation behaviour



RENOLIN ETERNA 32/46 are approved by:


Siemens Power Generation


The RENOLIN ETERNA range also meets and in many cases exceeds the requirements of:

• DIN 51515-1 (TD) with and without gearbox
• DIN 51515-2 (TG) with and without gearbox
• DIN 51524-2: HLP
• (DIN 51524-3: HVLP – with exception of the VI)
• GE GEK 28568 A
• GE GEK 32568 J
• GE GEK 101941 A
• GE GEK 107395 A
• Siemens TLV 901304 / 901305
• Alstom HTGD 90117 V0001W
• Siemens MAT 812109
• MAN Turbo AG – SP10000494596, Germany
• Solar ES 9-224 ( Class I / Class II )
• MIL-PRF-17331 J
• DIN 51517-3 (CLP gear oil)
• ISO 7624: pass > 4,000 h


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