Fuchs Renolin D 46 HVI


Fuchs Renolin D 46 HVI Is a lubricating and hydraulic oil

Fuchs Renolin D 46 HVI is a Multigrade hydraulic oil with excellent detergent / dispersant properties and a high VI



For hydraulic systems and construction machinery which are subject to major fluctuations in operating temperature, and for sensitive hydraulic regulator units in machine tools, a lower dependence of viscosity to temperature is often desirable. For these special applications, the use of special hydraulic oils like FUCHS RENOLIN D 46 HVI, known as high-VI hydraulic oils (HVLP) in accordance with DIN 51524-3, is preferred and recommended. RENOLIN D 46 HVI is based on special solvent neutral base oils which guarantee high ageing resistance. It in addition contains additives to improve the ageing resistance and corrosion protection. Selected anti-wear- and extremepressure-additives guarantee very good wear protection. Shear-stable viscosity index improvers improve the viscosity-temperature behaviour. RENOLIN D 46 HVI also has a high dispersant and detergent power (HVLPD type), ageing deposits and sludge are avoided.




RENOLIN D 46 HVI is used in highly stressed hydraulic components in machine tools, in hydromechanical driving gears, in construction machinery, fork-lift units and street cleaning vehicles, in crap cutters and crap baling presses, in locks and weirs and wherever manufacturers recommend the use of a zinc-containing hydraulic oil with excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics and excellent detergent and dispersant properties.




• Very good viscosity-temperature behavior
• High viscosity index, shear-stable
• Very good wear protection
• Excellent sludge dissolving and transportation properties (detergent / dispersant properties)
• Wide operating temperature range
• Good corrosion protection
• High ageing resistance
• Good air release properties
• Low foaming tendency




RENOLIN D 46 HVI meets and in many cases exceeds the requirements according to


• DIN 51524-3: HVLP (except demulsifying properties)
• ISO 6743-4: HV (with DD properties)
• ISO 11158: HR (with DD properties)


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