Fuchs Renolin CH 700


Fuchs Renolin CH 700 Is a high-quality, mineral oil-based cylinder oil

Fuchs Renolin CH 700 is a Superheated steam cylinder oil




High-viscosity lubricating oils with very high thermal stability are required for the lubrication of steamdrive aggregates and engines that operate at highsteam pressures and temperatures.

FUCHS RENOLIN CH 700 shows a very low level of evaporation losses, even under high thermal load. This ensures reliable lubrication of cylinders and parts in contact with steam. It also prevents formation of coke-like and asphalt-like residues that cause piston rings, slide valves and piston valves to seize.

RENOLIN CH cylinder oils are special lubricating oils, manufactured using modern production methods from carefully selected mineral base oils and synthetic components. RENOLIN CH cylinder oils provide lubricating films with good adhesion properties and a high load carrying capacity.




RENOLIN CH 700 is recommend for use in steam engines with intermittent action as a total loss
lubricant at steam injection temperatures of up to 380 °C.

RENOLIN CH 700 is also a suitable choice when the manufacturer demands a high-viscosity lubricating
oil, e.g. for mechanical gearboxes, bearings and sliding rails.




• Very high thermal stability
• Low evaporation losses
• Extremely low tendency to form residues
• Good lubricating properties
• Excellent film strength and stability (economical)


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