Fuchs Renofluid TF 1500


Fuchs Renofluid TF 1500 Is a power transmission oil for lubrication 

Fuchs Renofluid TF 1500 is a Power transmission oil for turbo transmission drives and torque converters




In many drive systems, hydrodynamic converters or couplings are combined with mechanical gear
systems in one and the same unit that is supplied with lubricant using a joint oil circulation system. This lubricant has to meet a large number of different requirements in order to ensure the unit’s faultless function and operational safety. A low viscosity is needed to reach an effective flow and, thus, power transmission.

FUCHS RENOFLUID TF 1500 is a hydraulic and gear oil containing EP additives which is based on high-quality base oils. Its advanced additive technology helps to effectively protect highly loaded lubrication points, e.g. gear-wheel pairs, against wear.

The very good ageing and oxidation resistance of RENOFLUID TF 1500 helps to ensure a long service life even under unfavourable operating conditions, such as high oil temperatures and/or a high degree of air penetration.




RENOFLUID TF 1500 is a power transmission oil for drives with hydrodynamic converters or couplings combined with mechanical gear systems (e.g. locomotives, boiler feed pumps).




• Very good ageing and oxidation resistance even when used in thermally highly-stressed machines

• Excellent corrosion protection
• Excellent wear protection
• Very good viscosity-temperature-behaviour
• Excellent air release
• Low foaming
• Favourable behaviour towards elastomers
• Very good compatibility with magnetic coils, even at higher temperature levels


Specifications and Approvals


RENOFLUID TF 1500 meets or exceeds the requirements according to:


• DIN 51524-2: HLP
• ISO 6743-4: HM


Amongst others, RENOFLUID TF 1500 has been approved by:


• Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG (3.90-8)


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