Fuchs Renoclean VR 1021


Fuchs Renoclean VR 1021 Is a medium alkaline, salt-free neutral-cleaner 

Fuchs Renoclean VR 1021 is a Medium alkaline salt-free spray cleaner




FUCHS RENOCLEAN VR 1021 is a salt-free, mediumalkaline neutral cleaner for spray cleaning systems, low foaming up to 20 bar.


RENOCLEAN VR 1021 has been developed for the cleaning of steel, aluminum and its alloys and has limited use for magnesium and copper alloys. For sensitive materials a compatibility test is recommended.


RENOCLEAN VR 1021 has a very low residue formation and is suitable for use prior to heat


RENOCLEAN VR 1021 contains boron and nitritefree corrosion inhibitors, which give an
unrecognizable film that ensures adequate corrosion protection for interim storage and further processing.


RENOCLEAN VR 1021 has good demulsification propertys, incorporated fats and oils can be removed with suitable devices (oil separators, oil skimmers, etc.), filtration is recommended.


RENOCLEAN VR 1021 can be used for spray cleaning from about 30°C. The higher the spray
pressure, the higher the required temperature, but also the achievable cleaning performance. For
make-up and supplementation of RENOCLEAN VR 1021 solutions we recommend the use of deionized water to avoid stain formation or corrosion, caused by constituents of the water. In non-critical cases, water with max. 15°dH can be used.




Application type: Spray
Typical Range
Make-up: 2.0 % (1 – 3 %)
Temperature: 65°C (30 – 80°C)
Contact time: 3 min (0.5 – 10 min)
Spray pressure *) 5 bar (1 – 20 bar)



• „Multi Metal Capable”, suitable for almost all materials with very low residue formation
• Can be used in spray cleaning systems, for example, prior to heat treatment
• Reliably removes oil and grease residues, as well as dirt, dust and abrasion
• Demulsifies well incorporated oils and fats
• Online monitoring and dosage possibly via conductivity
• Simple make-up, in non-critical cases with water with a max. hardness of 15°dH
• Low foam use from 30°C, temperature and pressure dependent
• Combinable with additives from the RENOCLEAN series, e. g. Demulsifier RENOCLEAN AKTIV DA
• Temporary, boron and nitrite-free corrosion protection with undetectable film, sufficient for the
temporary storage of work pieces


Storage conditions


The product can be stored in an unopened original container at temperatures between + 5 °C to + 40 °C up to 12 months.


The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability.


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