Fuchs Renoclean Spezial 2000


Fuchs Renoclean Spezial 2000 is a medium alkaline dipping cleaner, emulsifying all purpose cleaner




FUCHS RENOCLEAN SPEZIAL 2000 is an emulsifying all purpose cleaner with many uses (immersion, ultrasonic, manual application, spraying, high pressure and floor cleaning equipment).

RENOCLEAN SPEZIAL 2000 is used for cleaning metal and plastic surfaces, useful for vehicle-, tarpaulins and tent cleaning, industrial cleaning of machinery and installations, water-resistant indoor and workshop floors made of plastic and stone, as well as for the cleaning of dirty walls.

RENOCLEAN SPEZIAL 2000 causes no attack on paints or other surface coatings. For sensitive materials a compatibility test is recommended.

RENOCLEAN SPEZIAL 2000 has a high emulsifying effect on oils and fats, as well as a strong dissolving and absorption capacity for dirt deposits of all kinds.

RENOCLEAN SPEZIAL 2000 can be used by hand, in cleaning machines or high pressure equipment. If necessary, wash floors or objects after cleaning with clean water or spray. A test cleaning to determine the operating parameters is recommended.




Application type: Immersion, ultrasonic, spraying, manual, high pressure and floor cleaning equipment


Typical Range
Make up: 5 % (2 – 20 %)
Temperature: 35°C (20 – 80°C)
Contact time: 5 min (1 – 30 min)




• Suitable for almost any material and applications
• No attack on paints or other surface coatings
• Reliably removes grease, dust and other dirt
• Cleans and degreases very intensive
• Quickly emulsifies oils and fats
• Surfaces dry without spots
• Simple approach with tap water
• Excellent wetting, quick foam formation, rapid effect
• Short exposure time, then rinse with water or manual dirt holding




• FORD 800 51 007


Storage conditions


RENOCLEAN SPEZIAL 2000 can be stored in an unopened original container up to 12 months at temperatures between + 5 to + 40 °C.
The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability.


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