Fuchs Reniso Synth 68


Fuchs Reniso Synth 68 Is a fully-synthetic refrigeration oil

Fuchs Reniso Synth 68 is a Fully synthetic PAO-based refrigeration oil


• for highly stressed ammonia (NH3) compressors
• for hydrocarbon refrigerants
• for CO2 applications (R 744) – not miscible with CO2



FUCHS RENISO SYNTH 68 is based on polyalphaolefins (PAO) with excellent chemical and thermal stability. It was developed especially for applications where ammonia is used as refrigerant. RENISO SYNTH 68 has a better lifetime compared to mineral oil-based refrigeration oils, lower evaporating losses due to the synthetic components and an excellent low temperature flowability.
RENISO SYNTH 68 is also especially suitable for applications with hydrocarbon refrigerants such as propane or propene.

RENISO SYNTH 68 can also be used in CO2 systems – not miscible with CO2. RENISO SYNTH 68 is registered according to NSF H1. (NSF H1 describes lubricants of the highest quality and purity which can safely come into occasional contact with products – food or confectionary – during manufacturing.)




• Extreme chemical and thermal stability with NH3
• High stability with CO2 (R 744) and hydrocarbons
• High viscosity index, good viscosity temperature behaviour
• Excellent low temperature flowability, excellent cold flowing properties (especially in evaporators)
• Extremely low pourpoint
• Low evaporating losses
• High flashpoint
• Good lubricity
• NSF H1 registration:


registration no. 136600


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