Fuchs RenisoPG 68


Fuchs Reniso PG 68 Is a fully-synthetic refrigeration oil

Fuchs Reniso PG 68 is a Fully synthetic, polyalkylene glycol (PAG)-based, NH3-miscible refrigeration oil




Ammonia was previously used as a refrigerant only in large refrigeration units with complex oil recirculation systems. The refrigeration industry now as well offers compact systems that require the use of an ammonia-soluble refrigeration oil. FUCHS RENISO PG 68 refrigeration oil was developed using a carefully selected combination of PAGs and additives for this application. RENISO PG 68 is ultra-dried.

RENISO PG 68 refrigeration oil displays excellent lubrication properties, very good viscositytemperature behaviour, and high chemical and thermal stability. RENISO PG 68 is used successfully in practical applications where the compressor is placed under high thermal loads
and valve temperatures.




RENISO PG 68 is designed for compressors in industrial and commercial refrigerating units using ammonia as a refrigerant for direct expansion systems.

This product is ultra-dried. RENISO PG 68 is highly hygroscopic. Minimize exposure of the
product to ambient air. After opening a container, use the entire contents within one working day and ensure that the container is tightly sealed between uses. Please contact our application engineers. RENISO PG 68 is not miscible and compatible with mineral oil.




• Excellent NH3 solubility / miscibility (miscibility gap 10% oil: -35 °C)
• Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour
• Excellent low temperature flowability
• High thermal and chemical stability in contact with NH3
• High lubricity



DIN 51503: KAB, NH3-miscible refrigeration oil, fully synthetic – PAG.


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